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Introducing The Hineynu Tracker Build Your Community. Connect With Members. Improve Congregational Care.

Hineynu is about people helping people. We strive to keep you connected with the needs of your congregation and other caring providers around the nation. Our services can help build your synagogue into a warmer and more nurturing environment that welcomes members, and ensures that everyone feels invited in your caring community.


MAR 13-17 Visit Hineynu at NAASE, Tampa, FL

Hineynu Tracker— An online assistant to help clergy, staff, and lay leaders ensure that every member receives the care and services they need.  More

Hineynu App— Stay connected with your congregants on your iPhone and Android.  More

Hineynu Forum— Connect with a nationwide network of caring communities in vibrant discussions to share and benefit from each other's advice and experience.  More

Hineynu Library— Peruse our constantly growing archive of articles and other materials related to congregant care.  More


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